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Baby & Infant Massage Tuition

This is a wonderful way to give your baby bags and bags of love in such a short time span. Just 10 minutes everyday will allow you to grow a stronger bond with your baby than usual and it demonstrates to them that they are truly loved - this is an important marker in a baby's development and boosts their confidence.

I show my massage movements & instructions to the parent using a specially designed massage dolly only, I don't physically touch on any of the babies present at the session. So in reality, I am teaching you (Mum, Dad, Nanna etc), using dolly and you copy my hand movements on your baby.

And we all do it together to build-up our confidence, making it easier to practise at home. The course, if booked by an individual parent can be accomplished in a single, 1 hour session. A course booked by a group of parents will be accomplished over 3, 1 hour sessions. My prices are based on time spent - so a 1 hour session for an individual parent will be 30 pounds; But a 1 hour session for a group of 3 parents will only cost 10 pounds each, but a group will need 3 sessions to complete the tuition; either way it works out the same price for everyone.

By doing it in a group of mums, especially if you're already friends makes it so much more enjoyable as you give each other confidence to practise both inside and outside of the sessions.
And it is such a simple routine. With very little learning required by the parent/adult, your baby will get a massive reward because having these sessions at home each night or every-other night will signal to your baby that, these are really special times, and it is the introduction of those special bonding times that lay down the foundation for a confident, healthy, happy baby.

If you would like more re-assurance on this treatment I can put you in touch with a few of my existing mum's who have already learnt these techniques with me. If you want any more info on this wonderful treatment, just give me a call.

Some of the benefits of Infant/Baby Massage:
Helps the bonding process begin/strengthen / Promotes better sleep in baby with better sleep for you too / Promotes body, mind awareness and co-ordination / Makes baby feel very, very loved / Boosts baby's immune system / Improves skin condition and blood circulation / Helps digestion by easing trapped wind and constipation / Soothes Colic / Relief for teething pains (by massaging the gums) / Builds parents and baby's self esteem (helping mum/dad and baby become a team) / Helps alleviate the effects of postnatal depression and helps boost Mum's self-confidence (this can be a major benefit).