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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a healing therapy which focusses on releasing negative energies connected with a particular problem or issue a person has. The end-point we're hoping to achieve, is to turn negative thoughts or habits into positive ones.

The system of EFT is that we focus on an individual issue, an emotion, craving, memory or phobia which we feel holds us back in some way; and we release the negative energy connected to that through a series of repeated tapping actions and phrases. So whenever we find ourselves in the situation that upsets us, we repeat the tapping actions and phrases until we feel the situation has passed.

We will always keep the memory or craving or whatever the issue is, but these repeated actions and phrases will recondition our brain to only remember the new positive thoughts connected with this situation and not the negative ones that caused the situation originally.
EFT can be used for anything from phobias and emotional blockages to help aid better sleep, quit smoking, chocolate cravings, unwanted feelings or even a faulty golf swing. Think of it a bit like acupuncture for the mind, instead of sticking needles in ourselves, we are tapping our fingers and repeating phrases of words.

Some areas of the complementary therapy community view EFT as only having a placebo effect on its subjects and not actually producing any proven scientific results - but if the net result of using EFT is an improvement in your condition or attitude toward that condition, then does it really matter whether that positive result was directly caused by the EFT therapy or your belief in the EFT therapy? The power of belief within the human brain is a comprehensive tool and is fundamental to great swathes of our historical and cultural growth. I believe (ironically) that it would be wrong to dismiss EFT out of hand because it has not been scientifically quantified. Not everything can be.
If you feel that EFT or I can be of any help to you at all, then please call me and we can discuss where to go next.