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Reiki Tuition Courses

If you have tried Reiki as a treatment - then why not learn Reiki for yourself. Anyone can learn this technique self-improvement and patience and be able to give themselves Reiki treatments.

You start off with a Reiki 1 Tuition Course. I can teach you this, I am a Reiki Master and Teacher. The Reiki 1 course will teach you the importance of balancing yourself through a series of self-cleansing routines over an extended period of time. It isn't course that can be used glibly as a means of saving yourself or even earning yourself money - it is a course of self-improvement and self-lessness.

It is a course that focusses great value on the virtues of humility, patience, love, sharing, dignity, forgiveness to others and freedom-of-want in yourself. Once your Reiki Master has allowed you to receive the Reiki energy, you can perform the Reiki 1 routine daily, at ant time best suited to you - during which you cleanse and recharge your energy fields (your Aura), as well as learning to protect yourself from the negative energies around you. Once the initial self-cleansing period is over you are then able to learn and develop your Reiki skills further.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning, contact me for a little more info about the course. The cost of the Reiki 1 Course is £125.00. There are also Reiki 2 & 3 courses available for the more advanced Reiki learners - contact me directly for these prices.