The most important people in my business are my clients - and the best way I can promote myself as a therapy practitioner is to let my clients speak for themselves. If you are already a client of mine, I would love it if you could send me an email telling me what it is about my therapy treatments you like and what keeps you coming back and I will then post your comments up onto this page. Thank you. E-mail me here: denise@deniseowen.co.uk

Clare, Naturopath
I first went to Denise almost 3 years ago after my mother passed away. I was in need of much more than a massage and, indeed, Denise's intuitive, sensitive and healing treatments offered me much more than a simple physical massage. Denise offers a calming, trusting and completely confidential service; a service which leaves her clients feeling refreshed, cared for and on the road to health. I feel it's no exaggeration to describe Denise as having magic hands and her commitment to her clients' well being is well known. I have recommended her treatments to many people and I know they feel the same way about Denise as I do. It would be wonderful if Denise's dedication and hard work could be recognised by fellow professionals.

Jo, Research Biologist
Denise makes you feel very welcome to her home-based therapy room. I have massage therapy for my back and legs fortnightly. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I find massage necessary to keep me as mobile as I am. Denise treats me very well and is very good at finding emergency appointment times for me when I am in a lot of pain. Denise is very professional and friendly and I very much look forward to my sessions.

Barbara, South Wales Police
I had virus 2 years ago that left me with severe muscle fatigue, taking many months for me to fully recover. A friend recommended Denise to me and I have never looked back. She is my guardian angel, her deep tissue massage relaxes and revitalises me. Each massage is always like the first for me and as if it's Denise's first of the day. She makes me feel well and ready to go again. I don't know where I would be without her skills, humour and friendship.

Helen Pitt, Bridgend Carers Centre Manager
Denise has been a regular contributor to the Bridgend Carers Centre programme of activities for the past five years. Bridgend Carers Centre in association with Macmillan Cancer, offers information, support and short breaks to unpaid carers of those who care for a friend, neighbour or family member who is ill, has a disability or is elderly. Carer's lives are very busy and carers are often tired and stressed. They benefit greatly from short breaks including pampering which helps to revitalise and restore their health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.
I would recommend Denise for the valuable work that she does with carers of our service. Her friendly demeanour, understanding and genuine interest and care that she takes with carers is wonderful to see. Denise is always concerned with staff having a little ‘tender loving care' as she recognises how hard we work and what the benefits of massage can be. During the past five years Denise has provided the Centre with pampering at events and workshops. Denise is currently providing a monthly ‘Therapy Thursday'. Feedback from carers has been outstanding. One carer said:- ‘One of the best experiences so far at the Centre. Perfect time to chat and relax, beneficial in every way. Two different therapies/beauty, contributes to my sense of wellbeing as a full time carer.' And another:- ‘A social gathering with friends and meeting others for conversation and pampering. I had my make-up done plus a back and shoulder massage, PURE BLISS!! More of the same would be fabulous' I would have no hesitation in recommending Denise for an award she is an asset to the service.

Dan, Singer Songwriter Musician
I have been going to Denise for massage and other therapies for a long time now I very often recommend her therapies. Most recently I've been going to see Denise for therapy after a pinched and slipped disc in my lower spine. I was very on edge and nervous about the condition of my back in it's recovery but Denise is always so welcoming, comforting and knowledgeable that it puts even a worrier like me at ease. Denise has always gone beyond the call of duty to make sure my treatments are the most beneficial they can be and is an absolute pleasure to be around. I will always recommend Denise to every one I know, she deserves any recognition she gets, Denise is one of the most caring and hard working people I've ever met.

Suzanne, full-time Mum
I would thoroughly recommend the Pregnancy Massage that Denise provides, as every aspect of my care was thought of. Everything from the use safe oils up to the positioning of pillows this massage was and is perfect for any Mother-to-be. I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment and felt even better following it ! After my baby arrived, I went back to Denise and booked myself on her Baby Massage Tuition course. The baby massage class is a fab way to learn useful baby calming techniques. Denise gave really clear guidance and provided notes to all class members before each class. Baby skin types were carefully considered and grape seed oil was given to each mum to use with her baby. I loved the class as it was calm, fun and informative !! Would definitely recommend.

Lynn, retired Civil Servant
I first received treatment from Denise, three years ago as a result of a recommendation by my GP. I had been in extreme pain for a number of weeks - I suffer from Cervical Spondylosis and my extreme pain arises from that condition.
I had been prescribed pain killers which hardly helped. When I sought assistance from my GP, I was advised that, in fact I had a trapped nerve in my neck and also in my shoulder. Although I was referred to physiotherapy I was also advised that Denise could help me with some Deep Tissue Massage. My muscles had been in spasm for so long it had limited the movement in my neck, shoulder and arm and I had started to lose the feeling in my fingers.
After a thorough discussion of my diagnosis, symptoms and general health as well as any on-going treatments and medication which I was prescribed, Denise fully explained the course of treatment which she felt was beneficial and the frequency which she felt was conducive to achieving the best results. She was at pains to explain that there should be intervals between treatments to enable the benefits of the Massage to take effect and for the muscles to recover.
Within a few treatments I experienced far greater mobility and flexibility in my neck and arm a reduction in pain and a return of feeling to my fingers. Within a few weeks I had returned to the position I had been in before the nerves became trapped. I was so pleased with the effects and standard of treatment I received that I decided to continue receiving Deep tissue Massage from Denise at regular intervals, to enable me to cope with the spondylosis; as a result of regular massage I have been able to, once again, pursue activities I had stopped, e.g. swimming. In addition to Denise's excellent treatment, my appointments with her are very enjoyable. She treats her clients with such care and good humour. I'm one of those clients who likes to chat and I can honestly say that I feel better, not just physically but in my mood and attitude after a visit. I thoroughly enjoy her company and she is quite happy to accommodate my chattiness. I would have no hesitation in giving Denise a glowing recommendation to anyone who sought massage treatment.

Susan, South Wales Police
About one year ago I started to experience increasing discomfort and pain in my neck and shoulders to the point where it was affecting my sleeping habits, exercise and general health and well being. Naturally I went to the doctors. The first appointment was followed by a series of blood tests, an angiogram and X rays - all for me to be told the cause of the pain (which was now getting worse) was unknown and therefore it was something I would have to live with and I would need to take pain killers.
This was not the outcome I had hoped for particularly as I didn't want to regularly take tablets as it was impacting on my exercise regime (Spinning classes and Mountain Biking). Whilst this was taking place I was also going through a stressful time in my personal life.
A work colleague suggesting contacting Denise Owen Massage Therapy to see if she could assist. The colleague was already a client of Denise's and had nothing but praise for her. I rang Denise's number, left her a message, she returned the call and the first appointment was booked. At that first appointment Denise discussed my problem with me, we talked about my general health and she explained the muscle structure in the affected area. She then did an assessment and started to work on the muscles.
This was followed by two further sessions by which time the pain and discomfort had eased considerably to the point where it was rarely even happening anymore. In my eyes she is a miracle worker. Not only has she sorted out the problems with my neck and shoulders, but sessions with her have also brought my stress levels down to an easily manageable level. At that first appointment she immediately put me at ease with her friendly, caring nature and wicked sense of humour.
I often pass her details on to friends, colleagues and relatives and always recommend her. She is totally committed to the work she does and gets great pleasure from seeing the impact she has on her clients. Her therapy room is calming and immediately makes me relax. She is extremely thorough and on more than one occasion has told me off, particularly when I have in her words ‘crunchy shoulders' or I've had a fall off my bike and my knee is swollen. I always leave her relaxed, and I certainly sleep much better afterward and would not even contemplate giving up regular sessions with her. She is my guardian angel.

Lucy, full-time mum,
Denise has a calm cosy environment you can't help but relax into. Her treatments have been spot on, helping the aches and pains get better each time. I would defintely recommend!

Joanne, Occupationalist therapist,
I have massages and reiki with Denise regularly and ALWAYS come away blissed-out. She is very professional in her approach, but also very friendly. I would highly recommend her

Victoria, NVQ Assessor,
Denise is very friendly and is honest about the specific treatment you need throughout the treatment. Denise explains exactly what she is doing and why. I feel the benefits immediately and always leave feeling much better. Denise has also offered practical advice on small changes I can make to continue feeling good.

Andrew, Electrician,
Fantastic professional treatment given by a warm, caring therapist.

Lynn, Housing Officer,
My pain eased after the first treatment. Thoroughly enjoyble.

Suzanne, Fitness instructor - Auckland NZ,
Denise offers a wonderful, tailored, professional treatment; and always makes me feel welcome and comfortable. She has a natural talent for massage and her healing hands always disperse the tension in my back. The best massage therapist I have ever visited!

Brenda, retired,
Denise greets you with a smile, puts you completely at ease and then concentrates on her excellent massage techniques. Result = Absolute bliss!

Karen, Waitress,
I have recommended Denise and I say that she seemed very knowledgeable, she is very friendly and I felt very safe and relaxed in her home - PLUS the massage was really good!

Pauline, Sales Assistant,
Denise is completely professional during the whole treatment, but also maintains a relaxed, friendly and homely environment. I find her therapy sessions totally lovely.

Janet, Events Manager,
Denise provides a very professional yet personal therapy treatment. She is clearly experienced and uses her knowledge of differing massage techniques to tailor each session after discussion with her client. My experience of her Reiki gave me one of the best nights' sleep I'd had in several months.

Denise is kind, caring and listens without being judgemental. These qualities make you feel at ease and relaxed, so you can get the maximum benefit from the therapy.