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1. Holisitic Deep Tissue Massage
Corrective and therapeutic, this massage releases and breaks down long-held patterns of muscle tension, helping oxygen to circulate naturally again.

2. Advanced / Remedial Massage
A technical massage for chronic and persistent pain sufferers. Muscular manipulation that engenders skeletal re-alignment and re-introduces good posture. Helpful for people coping with constant or long-term pain.

3. Pregnancy & Childbirth Massage
A wonderful way to ease your aching back, shoulders and hips. Let me lighten your load and get your body and mind relaxed and ache-free.

4. Infant & Baby Massage (Parental tuition)
Learn how to give your baby the very best in quality time together with this fantastic baby massage. It will benefit you and baby immensely.

5. Reiki - Treatment
Reiki is the ancient Japanese therapy of healing, relaxation and self-improvement using our bodys "life force" energy with the Reiki energy.

6. Reiki - Tuition Courses
Reiki is spiritual in nature, but is not a religion. It has no belief system to be adhered to. It sits outside the norm, is non-judgemental and exists purely to benefit you. You can learn this for yourself with me, a Master Practitioner and Teacher.

7. Chakra Balancing
Chakra are the thousands of little energy points in our bodies. This treatment focuses on the 7 main Chakra, clearing them of negative energy and re-balancing them.

8. Hot Stone Massage Therapy

A fantastically relaxing and rewarding treatment. Using heated volcanic stones I work away your aches and strains leaving you tranquil and ache-free. A must try!

9. Indian Head Massage
Based on Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, it releases accumulated stress from the muscles and joints of the face, neck, shoulders and head.

10. Traditional Thai Foot Massage
This traditional Thai lower leg and foot massage will relax you and help release vital nutrients back into the body, leaving you feeling balanced and calm.

11. EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

A wonderful self-help therapy centred on your energy meridians. Turn negative parts of your life into positive ones with this self-help routine.

14. Cleanse and Tone Aromatherapy Facial
This is a bespoke all-natural cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate facial treatment specially made for you on the day of your booking.