Denise Owen Massage portrait

Who am I ?
- well, I'm a mum to a fab daughter (sometimes), and a wife to a decent man (gotta say that, he does this website), and a few years back I gave up a soul-sapping job in banking and decided to follow a dream; I learnt how to be a Holistic Therapist. It's taken lots of hard work, but I love my job.

Learning the skills of bodywork massage and other related treatments connected to the whole holistic environment gives me the opportunity to help people. I love to be able to help people, its a natural feeling for a woman to have (I think it's our default setting), since many of us have the privilege to go on to become mothers. So helping people is a good feeling to have, it's good for the soul.

I trained at the Bridgend College of Higher Education through the VTCT, a worldwide provider of examinations, gaining my mandatory qualifications in Health and Safety, Anatomy and Physiology. I gained many of my therapy qualifications with TeachTherapy, who are an FHT-Approved teach-provider. As a qualified therapist, I belong to the FHT, ICHT and CNHC, who are a few of the regulating governing bodies for complementary and holistic therapies in the UK and all my details can be found inside their own relevant therapist registry's.

My everyday therapy work is based at home, where I have a bespoke room set-aside for me to provide treatments. I can also be regularly found sitting by my massage couch at the local 'Carers' days that I attend at Bridgend Carer's Association. Doing these days really are an honour for me to be a part of. They are very rewarding as I get to give back a little something to people who spend many hours of their days helping elderly, dependant or severely-ill members of their family or friends with no thought about their own welfare. The Macmillan Cancer 'Therapy Thursday', Bridgend Carer's Day, the Dyffryn Garden's Carer's Day and the Royal Glamorgan Hospital Well-Being Day are a few examples of these very special days - and I love doing them.

But more about the treatments... if you're having trouble sleeping, suffer from muscle-strains, cramps, constant bad back, limb-aches, fatigue, anxiety, low self-esteem, general poor health or even with symptoms connected with more severe ailments like Sciatica, Arthritis, Osetoarthritis, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia or if you just find yourself getting anxious and stressed-out over small everyday things, then maybe you could benefit greatly from one of my holistic treatments.

The science bit: The majority of my treatments involve the manipulation of muscle groups and lymph fluid around the body (massage), this helps improve the circulation of the blood and other essential fluids - which in turn help relax the nervous system leaving you calm and revitalised. You will be surprised at how helpful a simple, regular massage or pamper treatment can be to the overall health and well-being of your body and mind.

If you decide to try one of my treatments you will be treated respectfully, in peace and quiet on my very comfortable massage couch with fresh, clean towels. I also use low-level music and ambient lighting. So, have a look around my site, read about all the different treatments I offer - not all are massage based (such as Reiki) - and let me know if you want to make a booking. All my prices can be found on the Prices page and a list of Contact methods and Directions can be found on the Contact Me page. And with treatments starting from as little as 15 pounds you'd be daft not to give at least one of them a try, so please contact me at any time and leave me a message - I will get back to you as soon as I can.