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Holistic Deep Tissue Massage

My Holistic Deep Tissue massage techniques are the fundamental bedrock to many of my treatments. They are designed to disperse tension in the muscle groups and their surrounding tissues. It stretches tendons, joints and ligaments helping to keep them supple and in good shape. Having a massage feels good, it's relaxing and invigorating. It can leave you feeling 'ready-for-bed' and chilled-out or it can leave you feeling bouncy and full of energy. It has beneficial affects on the nervous system and it helps promote inner-health and wellbeing too.

My Holistic Deep Tissue massage is both a therapeutic and pampering style of treatment - the only difference between them being the level of pressure applied by me. You can gain a lot of relaxation and release of worry as well as lowered levels of tension and anxiety from having this treatment.
Many clients fall asleep whilst having this, they tell me it is "very relaxing". I think much of it is down to the fact that you have given yourself the chance to completely unwind and relax in a calm and peaceful environment free from distractions, giving you a chance to switch off.
So if you want a therapy massage that isn't something bland and routine that you might get at a 'Spa' - but equally, you dont want to be pummelled and wrung-out like you're at a Turkish bath then maybe a warming, relaxing Holistic Deep Tissue Massage from me is the perfect choice for you.
IN ADDITION - If you suffer from severe or chronic levels of pain to the point where mobility is hindered and impaired, then you may get benefit from having one of my Advanced (Remedial) Massage treatments. It is a more clinical form of therapy massage - concentrating more on decreasing levels of pain and discomfort but increasing your levels of mobility and suppleness; It is more suited to people suffering with Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Dystonia or Parkinsons - but is not limited to just these conditions. Also helpful is this information from the UK Government's NICE department (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence), in regard to the prevention and treatment of 'Non-Specific Low Back Pain', which can be found here:

Descriptions to several of the different massage movements used in my therapies:
(light touch) - these long flowing strokes, usually towards the heart, are used to introduce the therapists' hands to the client and soothe areas that have been worked on. Petrissage (kneading) - these movements help bring blood circulating to an area, unwind taut muscles and is deeply relaxing. These movements lift, roll or knead the tissue much like kneading dough. Pinpoint pressure - this focuses on points of a muscle that are painful to touch, bunched up, knotted, or especially tough. The thumb and forefinger are used to apply pressure directly to this area - just enough to release the muscle from its spasm, but not enough to hurt. Deep friction - these are small circular strokes which press just below the surface of the skin onto the muscle below. Short straight lines are also used at this level of pressure, this soothes deeper areas in muscles made tight by exercise and general stretching and lifting. Tapotement - The hands of the therapist are cupped or in a "karate chop" position while the wrists are loose. The therapist gently and rhythmically taps on the recipients body. This wakes up the body, brings a tingling feeling and a feeling of increased vitality.