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Hot Stone Therapy

This is an extended form of bodywork massage that uses smoothed pieces of volcanic rock that have been heated to a specific temperature using a hot water bath. Once you have positioned yourself on my massage couch and are lying comfortably I cover your back and legs in towels before carefully placing the hot stones onto you.

Unlike the pictures you always see for this treatment (on here too), hot stones are never actually placed directly onto your bare skin, there are always towels placed in-between. Once the hot stones are positioned in strategic places over the muscle groups of your back, legs, arms and hands, you will then be left for 15-20 minutes in peace and quiet so that the stones can start to work their heat down through the towels and into your muscles and start to loosen any tightness that they are holding.

This whole experience of being heated by a dozen or so stones is unusual to begin with and you have to remain quite still or the stones may fall off, so it is important you get comfy on my couch right at the start. HOWEVER, it is a very warm, sumptuous, enveloping feeling you get. You reach a deeper level of relaxation more quickly using the hot stones than you would normally, so it is a very rewarding treatment. My husband says it is one of his favourites, deeply relaxing and very easy to fall asleep to.

Once this 20 minute relaxation time has ended, I then start the massage with a fresh set of warmed stones. I work the muscle groups of your back, neck and arms using both the flat faces and rounded edges of the stones, as each part of the stone can bring different levels of pressure and accuracy. Massaging using stones gives a different sensation in comparison to traditional hand-pressure massage. They give a very smooth, soothing feeling and can reach awkward areas of tucked-away muscles effortlessly.

Existing clients say it is a very 'complete' and 'full' treatment. It is a 'Pamper' treatment essentially, but it relaxes the mind as well as the body - It also works the muscles quite hard too, so you do get a strong technical massage, which is a bonus - enabling me to work away strains and soothe problematic areas. So it's quite an all-round treatment to have and a perfect one to give as a gift using one of my Gift Vouchers.

In total this treatment will last either 60 or 90 minutes depending on which one you book. Book the 60 minute treatment and you will receive 20 minutes of quiet, tranquil, hot stones-only time followed by 40 minutes of massage work to your back, shoulders and neck only. If you book the 90 minute treatment then you get more massage time, but to both sides of your body (front and back), not just the one. Once the treatment is finished, you will be allowed to rest in solitude for 10 minutes, re-dress yourself, before joining me for a glass of refreshing, chilled filter water.