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Traditional Thai Foot Massage

A Traditional Thai Foot Massage treatment consists of a series of massage strokes and points of pressure where I use my thumbs and fingers to open the energy lines of your legs and feet.

This therapy dates back over 2000 years and works on the 'Sen' lines (energy meridians), of the legs and feet. Inspired by the Ayurvedic form of medicine it includes techniques employed by Chinese Reflexologists. It is a luxury therapy combining muscle stretching, hot-foot wrapping and massage to help bring back or increase existing levels of suppleness and joint mobility. I also utilise a traditional wooden Thai foot stick to help apply pressure and stimulate the reflex points in the sole's of the feet which provide an energy boost to the client and encourage the increased flow of oxygen and nutrients as well as healing energy through the body.

Benefits of a Traditional Thai Foot Massage are:
It improves circulation in legs and feet / It helps remove toxins from the body / It helps boost the immune system / It increases oxygen to the feet and legs / Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility / Accelerates physical healing / Helps when dealing with stress / Helps with insomnia / Reduces mental tiredness. This luxurious foot and lower leg therapy lasts approximately one hour.